HiTech Ninja in the Press!

‘We are just getting started!’

HiTech Ninja CEO Interview with Increased Clean Energy PodCast – You’re Sustainable Future – with Tony Dorgan and Derek Patterson

HiTech Ninja CEO interview aired in LA on 102.3FM, 106.5FM or 1050 AM and KCAARadio.com – Schmidt Talk Radio Show

“HiTech Ninja Delivers Style & Functionality to Portable Power”

-CES Daily News.

HiTech Ninja receives high praise from industry peers at the Company Debut at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017.

Industry leaders and spectators agree that the Design and Functionality of HiTech Ninja Solar Power Bags is nothing short of awesome. HiTech Ninja is the first in the industry to have a line of Fashionable Solar Power Backpacks with a broad spectrum of styles to suit any consumer.

Extreme Functionality

At the heart of HiTech Ninja Products is superior functionality in both design and technology.  The Solar Panels are SunPower Brand ensuring the highest solar efficiency you can get. The Power Bank is a super light weight, ultra thin, high capacity 10,000mAh battery source that powers you up just as fast as charing from the wall. And the bag designs are top notch with the highest quality materials, zippers and stitching! Attention to detail and superior design choices are some of the things you can be certain of with the HiTech Ninja Solar Power Backpack line!


HiTech Ninja – A Socially
Conscious Brand

Sustainable Energy Solutions to better our Every Day Lives is a passion realized with HiTech Ninja Bags. As a company we wanted to do even more. A portion of the proceeds will go towards Solar Power Bags sent via Missions Outreach programs to areas of the world that do not always have access to power! In addition, with EVERY HiTech Ninja Bag purchase we pledge to Plant a TREE!
Help us make a difference!

When you work with HiTech Ninja, You also share the vision of being Socially Conscious, Globally Conscious and Eco-Conscious!

  • When using Solar Power Backpacks you are doing your part to aide in your customers Not only using Clean Green Sustainable Energy to power their portable devices, while simultaneously improving their lifestyles allowing them to charge their devices on the go… Anytime, Anywhere!
  • You are also contributing to aiding others as a Portion of Proceeds donating Solar Power Bags to Mission Groups that go to areas of the world that have little or no power.
  • You are a part of planting a TREE! A Tree will be planted with every bag distributed.

A Letter from the CEO
David Schooley

How HiTech Ninja is working with Brands for Co-Brand Promotions and Awesome Eco-Conscious Campaigns!

As CEO of HiTech Ninja, I have worked very hard to create a product line that is not only a high quality product that people would love, but it combines Eco-Friendly, High Functionality, Style and Fashion so a person can use the bag to actually improve their lives while literally helping the planet! I would like to extend an invitation to any Company that shares our passions to reach out to me, as I believe we could do a collaborative campaign that would mutually benefit your brand, and your customers!

Lets discuss how we can come together to benefit each person using our product, the community and yes… the planet. David Schooley, CEO