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Business, Sales and Retail Ninjas

With the Wearable Tech Industry growing at one of the fastest rates in history, HiTech Ninja is at the right place, at the right time to be a major brand in Portable, Wearable, Hi-Tech and Rechargeable Gear industries. Join us and represent a product line that delivers Fashion, Functionality and Purpose!

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    Brick & Mortar Retail

    Does your company have retail stores or outlets that cater to any of the markets HiTech Ninja Products would appeal to?

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    eCommerce Retail

    Do you have a website that you would want to sell our products on? We have the ability to either wholesale to you for your fulfillment or dropship for you as you sell our products.

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    ONLINE Affiliate Marketing

    Do you have high traffic websites, blogs, social sites or newsletters? Would you like to monetize those by offering HiTech Ninja products? We can track all customers you send our way for a nice commission on everything sold!
    Its as easy as 1-2-3

    1) REGISTER to be an affiliate Here! AFFILIATE SIGN UP
    2) Generate & Promote your Affiliate Links to the Pages you want to promote on the website.
    3) Get Paid EVERY TIME someone clicks your link and buys! It’s Really That Easy!
    Become an Affiliate Ninja and become a part of the HiTech Ninja Family!

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    Co-Brand & Promotional Products

    Would you like to have a HiTech Ninja product with your own brand! Give away an awesome Solar Power Bag with your Logo & Colors to that next big client or sale! Promote them with a Signiture Package of Your Product. Give them away as a sweepstakes item or use them as a lead generation or sales incentive! Talk to us about your thoughts!

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    Festivals, Fairs and Events

    We LOVE those Ninjas that like to get out there and do something fun and different! No matter if it’s a Bacon Fest, Soccer Tournament, Supercross, Music Festival or Gun show… We all need to stay Powered Up! So if you host events and think we could do well selling our HiTech Ninja Products OR if you travel and work events and want to sell our products… Let’s talk!

Let’s Put Your Ninja Skills with Our Ninja Skills!

Let us know who you are and what your thoughts are about working together! Good Ninja’s should benefit each-other! .