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Industrial Portable Power Hubs

Next Gen Lithium-Ion Technology

This Video was created as a simple demo of the Industrial Portable Power Hub that HiTech Ninja now offers the market. We are proud to present Portable Power Options that rival all forms of power storage to date!

HiTech Ninja would like to propose a potential collaboration to Power your world with ZERO Emissions and ZERO Fuel.

Compared to Both Lead Acid Batteries and Generators, the Industrial Portable Power Hubs are the best possible value and choice for Zero Emissions, Fuel Less and Long Term Value solutions!

Compare Power Hub to Generators

Download the Spec Sheets Here!

Industrial Portable Power Hub Specs and Comparrisons PDF

Socially-Conscious Companies

We know that there are mandates and goals to become ZERO Emissions companies or at least reduce your emissions where possible. The IPPower Hubs are a perfect option for reaching that goal with a sound, long term, high quality option that holds a 10 Year Warranty!

How does the amount of Power Translate to real world use?

The Industrial Portable Power Hub can power almost any electric device with any style outlet simply by choosing the proper connections/accessories for the intended device.  This chart is simply to show the amount of power you can get out of the units for common devices.

The Industrial Portable Power Hub Usage Chart


How does the IPPower Hub Compare to the Goal Zero’s Newest Yetti Lithium?

We thought it only fair to compare apples to apples… or in this case Lithium-Ion to Lithium-Ion.  Of course our proprietary process for our Lithium-Ion gives us a massive advantage.. see for yourself!

Better Warranty..9 Years Better! Smaller! 30lbs Lighter! USA MADE and 33% Less Expensive! Need we say more? 

A Letter from the CEO
David Schooley

As CEO of HiTech Ninja, We have worked very hard to create a product line that is not only a high quality product that people would love, but it combines Eco-Friendly, High Functionality, and High Quality so a person can actually improve their lives while literally helping the planet!

If you see yourself or your company or organization utilizing this exciting new technology, please reach out to us as we currently only market this product via distributors.

Lets discuss how we can come together to benefit your company, organization or your customers. David Schooley, CEO