How HiTech Ninja Bags Work

Your HiTech Ninja or iPowear bag or backpack is one of the most efficient portable charging solutions you could have! So lets talk about how they work and how you set up your Bag!

First things First… CONGRATULATIONS if you just got a Bag and you are here to see how to use it! You are now going to take advantage of Clean, Green, Sustainable Energy from the Sun to Power your Portable Devices!

How HiTech Ninja Solar Power Backpacks Work!


Capture the Sun

The bag’s 6.5W hi-efficiency solar panel captures the sun’s rays.


Convert Energy

The bag converts the solar energy and stores the power in the included hi-capacity powerbank for when you need it!


Charge Devices

Charge your devices from stored power in the powerbank. Anytime, anywhere, even when you aren’t in the sun!

ABOUT The Hi-Capacity iPowear® Powerbank
INCLUDED in all HiTech Ninja® Bags!

  •  Charges all phones as fast as the wall outlet.
  • Has 4 ports for charging multiple devices at once.
  • Can re-charge from an outlet or computer when not in the sun.
  • Stores enough power to charge an average smartphone up to 5 times before needing re-charge.


“HiTech Ninja set out to combine our passion for Tech Gadgets, the use of Sustainable Energy and a chance to Make a Difference in the world. I set my sights on designing a full line of Solar Power Backpacks that would be the perfect combination of Eco-Friendly, Extreme Functionality, Elegant Design, Technology and Fashion. I am proud to say we have done it!”

– David Schooley, CEO 

Sustainable Energy Solutions to better our Every Day Lives is a passion realized with HiTech Ninja Bags. As a company we wanted to do even more. A portion of the proceeds will go towards Solar Power Bags sent via Missions Outreach programs to areas of the world that do not always have access to power! In addition, with EVERY HiTech Ninja Bag purchase we pledge to Plant a TREE!

Help us make a difference!