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BMW Brand Extension and Press Potential

with HiTech Ninja

This video and use of logos and images was prepared as a PRIVATE PRESENTATION to illustrate the potential for a collaborative campaign and is for the eyes of BMW representatives ONLY. This video has not been nor will it be distributed publicly.

HiTech Ninja would like to propose a potential collaboration with BMW

We believe there to be many ways our High Quality Product can become a part of a fantastic brand extension and PR campaign for BMW. Here are some of the ways we would like to explore our collaboration:

Customer Appreciation and Giveaways

BMW/HiTech Ninja Solar Power Backpacks to be used as a premium give away with every car sold and/or Sales Incentives, Premium Give-aways, Branded product sales offering, Sweepstakes prizes & more!

Socially-Conscious Brand Extension

BMW/HiTech Ninja Solar Power Backpacks would become a BRAND extension beyond the car. People would proudly wear and use these bags everywhere they go and expose your brand’s deliberate efforts to create a better world with a Socially Conscious, Globally Conscious and Eco-Conscious bag for their personal device charging!

A Socially
Conscious Brand

This would afford the company a new press opportunity claiming everything we are already doing with every bag distributed, for instance:

With this campaign, BMW is showing how Socially Conscious, Globally Conscious and Eco-Conscious they are!

  • Your Brand is doing it’s part to aide in your customers Not only using Clean Green Sustainable Energy to power their portable devices, while simultaneously improving their lifestyles allowing them to charge their devices on the go… Anytime, Anywhere!
  • Portion of Proceeds donating Solar Power Bags to Mission Groups that go to areas of the world that have little or no power.
  • A Tree will be planted with every bag distributed.

A Letter from the CEO
David Schooley

As CEO of HiTech Ninja, I have worked very hard to create a product line that is not only a high quality product that people would love, but it combines Eco-Friendly, High Functionality, Style and Fashion so a person can use the bag to actually improve their lives while literally helping the planet! I would like to extend this to BMW as I believe we could do a collaborative campaign that would mutually benefit your brand, and your customers!

Lets discuss how we can come together to benefit your company and your customers. David Schooley, CEO