HiTech Ninja at the CES SHOW 2017! 

“HiTech Ninja Delivers Style & Functionality to Portable Power”
– CES Daily News

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We use SunPower® American Made Crystal Silicon in the High Efficiency 6V/6.5W Solar Panel w/USB output. for every Solar Power Backpack

Solar Power Backpack Explained

1 Hour in the Sun equals up to 3 Hours of Smartphone usage or 8 Hours of Talk time!

Quality Material – Water Resistant

Made from High Grade Nylon for strong, waterproof, lightweight and UV resistant construction. HiTech Ninja® bags and backpacks are made to last!

Peace of Mind Warranty

HiTech Ninja is all about quality! Your Solar Power Backpack and gear needs to be there for you when you need it and work as it was intended! That is why we have the best Warranty in the industry! We give you a Full 1 Year Warranty!

iPowear® 10,000mAh Power Bank

INCLUDED with EVERY BAG is the iPowear® 10,000mAh Power Bank! This is where the Solar Power is stored for you to use ANYTIME, ANYWHERE… Day or Night, with or without SUN!

Power Bank Explained

The Hi-Capacity iPowear® 10,000mAh Power Bank charges all phones as fast as the wall, stores enough power to charge an average smartphone up to 5 times, and has 4 ports for charging multiple devices at once. It can even re-charge from an outlet or computer when not in the sun!

Laptop Sleeve

The Executive Ninja, Daily Ninja, The Camo Ninja and the iPowear® President all have a padded Laptop Sleeve supporting up to a 19in Laptop!

Attention to Detail

From the tear shaped, easy to grab zipper handles with a power symbol on them, to the elastic straps holding your Power Bank in place, we carefully thought out every detail of our solar power backpacks to provide an Eco-Friendly, Elegantly Designed & Extremely Functional Backpack!

Why HiTech Ninja Solar Power Backpack?

These are just a few of the many features that set HiTech Ninja’s Solar Power Backpack apart:

  • Super High Efficient 6.5 Watts of Solar Panel
  • American Made Silicon Crystal from SunPower® in our Solar Panels
  • 1 Hour in the SUN = 3 Hours of Smartphone Usage
  • Best Power Bank Available Made by iPowear®
  • A True 10,000 mAh of Power, Yet Very Light Weight
  • Can Charge an Average Smartphone up to 5X
  • Charges Your Devices as Fast as From the Wall Outlet
  • Charges Multiple Devices at Once with 4 Ports
  • Tear Resistant and Water Resistant Nylon Construction
  • Elegantly Designed with Purpose and Functionality
  • Quality Product with 1 Year Warranty
  • 30 Day Love it or Leave it, No Worries Policy!

HiTech Ninja How it Works Infographic

The Premier Brand in Solar Power BackPacks! Higher Efficiency, More Power, Better Design.. Simply the Smarter Choice! 

Choose the Solar Power Backpack to Fit Your Lifestyle!

We salute Ninja’s of all walks of life in your fast paced and relentless pursuit of greatness!
YOU are a Ninja warrior! You battle to BE THE BEST at what you do! Your gear must suit your needs and be there
for you at all times.

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